Built to a higher standard today, creating benefits for a lifetime

Electric forklifts have fewer maintenance requirements, lower fuel costs, provide a safer and quieter work environment with a cleaner overall work atmosphere, and provide significant environmental benefits for the greater Houston metropolitan area.

Greater Savings on Operating Costs

The typical return on investment period for an electric forklift is less than two years, and with the low cost of electricity, owners quickly see savings. Electric forklifts can further reduce your company’s exposure to volatile and increasing diesel and LPG fuel prices.

Less Maintenance Required

Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than standard internal combustion forklifts (about 90% less moving parts). Because of this, they require significantly less time and money to maintain.

Quieter & Safer Operations

Electric forklifts are quieter while lifting or transporting products, making them less likely to contribute to noise-related workplace accidents. By reducing the noise in a given area, workers can easily pay better attention to what is going on around them.

Less Emissions

Electric forklifts make for a cleaner, healthier workplace by producing zero local emissions. When you convert to an electric forklift, you help reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 11 metric tons per propane conversion, or 6 metric tons per diesel conversion.

Flexible Charging Options

Depending on your facility’s operational habits, modern electric forklifts have different charging solutions to fit varying schedules. Conventional charge forklifts charge overnight and are ideal for one shift operations. Rapid and Opportunity Charge forklifts can be re-charged intermittently during the day to maintain a steady workflow.