Reduced Costs

With the low cost of electricity compared to fuel, you will quickly see operational savings.

Less Maintenance

With fewer moving parts, electric motors require significantly less time and money to maintain.

Quieter & Safer Operations

Electric equipment is quieter, making it less likely to contribute to noise-related workplace accidents.

Zero Site Emissions

Electric technology makes for a cleaner, healthier workplace by producing zero local emissions.


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"We were excited when CenterPoint Energy approached about replacing our old LP forklifts with brand new electric forklifts. What made the deal even better was that the TERP Program helped with our upfront costs. We have noticed immediate benefits for doing this, such as a cleaner warehouse and much less noise."

- Eric Baud, VP Operations, ChemPak
"For years, Silver Eagle has focused on reducing emissions in the Houston area by using electric equipment where we can and using the most up-to-date emissions reducing technologies on our trucks. We’re glad to see CenterPoint Energy take a lead role in the Houston area that helps to reduce emissions."

- Ed Pritchard, VP Fleet Management, Silver Eagle Distributors
​"Had our forklift dealer and CenterPoint Energy not mentioned the TERP Program to us, we would have never known about it. We were able to expand our fleet by 15 forklifts. The benefit we will see is a better overall work environment inside our distribution warehouse. Thanks to CenterPoint Energy for all of their help!"

- Don Arter, Director, 99 Cents Only